The Flood.

I take solace in the rain, it calms me, it brings me justification, it wakes me, and it makes me feel alive, You hate the rain and it’s funny now, because you are drowning in it, while it soaks your skin with karma I laugh and the sky rumbles around me, I enjoy the atmosphere … More The Flood.

Escape You.

Your shallow mind swallows you whole, You only want to touch the pretty things, with their small insignificant feelings and thoughts, Together you equal nothing, you have become nothing but a cliché, You are drowning, sinking in all your darkness, your blank spaces and your empty opinions, I’ve heard that you’ve changed, and I don’t … More Escape You.

No Queen of Ours.

They should have never entered that castle. They believed the empress was gentle and kind, but she only cared for them, when she thought they gave her power. They jeopardised the simplicity of life, thinking it would improve it, if anything it was out of convenience and the mere act of it ruined their lives … More No Queen of Ours.


  Why do I give you so much power, control, over my body and my soul, My heart hurts, my eyes, my nose swell, and I feel like the world is crumbling around me, My body shakes and my hands go numb, I can no longer see and my breathing rises, I feel like there … More Power.

The Quiet Time.

I enjoy the quiet moments but sometimes they leave me feeling empty. I can never sit in total silence, I need to make background noise, a tv show will be on, a movie, my music, because if I don’t make some kind of sound, the air around me becomes deafening. My brain likes to bring … More The Quiet Time.