No Queen of Ours.

They should have never entered that castle. They believed the empress was gentle and kind, but she only cared for them, when she thought they gave her power. They jeopardised the simplicity of life, thinking it would improve it, if anything it was out of convenience and the mere act of it ruined their lives … More No Queen of Ours.


  Why do I give you so much power, control, over my body and my soul, My heart hurts, my eyes, my nose swell, and I feel like the world is crumbling around me, My body shakes and my hands go numb, I can no longer see and my breathing rises, I feel like there … More Power.

The Quiet Time.

I enjoy the quiet moments but sometimes they leave me feeling empty. I can never sit in total silence, I need to make background noise, a tv show will be on, a movie, my music, because if I don’t make some kind of sound, the air around me becomes deafening. My brain likes to bring … More The Quiet Time.


I have trouble saying words, I never say or can say the right ones when I need to, they come out a blurry mess. When I write it’s easier, I take a moment, I think, and then I’m thank god for spell check. Sometimes I’ll sit there and get frustrated because I know the word … More Words.


A loud crash rips me from my calming dream, I wake with a sudden urge to scream, not knowing what pulled me out of it. I stand with shaken legs and move towards my window. I pull the curtain back and I cover my eyes ready to block out the blinding sun, but I only … More Thunder.

Thief in the Night.

It’s been a week since our hobby has been stolen from us. People, if you can call them that, invaded our space and took our things as their own. They didn’t just steal something which we spent our hard-earned money on, they took our passion for what they represented. Dirty ungrateful people! They also didn’t … More Thief in the Night.

A Simple Cup.

I stared at the cup in front of me. It was white, plain, nothing to it. Just you’re basic cup. I guess it was better described as a mug, but it was still just an object, it spends most of its life going unnoticed. Yes sure, we pick it up, we fill it, but do … More A Simple Cup.