A Happy New Year, and some Bath Bomb Madness…

Happy New Year all! I hope the next year brings you nothing but joy and happiness…if not, may you take each struggle as a way to improve strength and overcome any challenge that slaps you in the face, by just kicking it in the balls…

Ok, so I’ve got a little bath bomb obsession…I mean, see below, these have only been brought, (or brought for me) and used in the last 4 months…

Lush…if you have not had Lush in your life, you are CRAZY! I know Lush can be expensive, but I say, in the great words of Tom Haverford and Donna Meagle, ….’treat yo self!’

The good thing about Lush’s bath bombs, oils and bubble Bars are that they are worth the money, they really do smell amazing and they are fantastic quality. Not only that, they are not tested on animals, nor made from any type of animal products, which makes them 100% Vegan.

So far I have not had any complaints about the ones I’ve used. The smells and colours have been out of this world. ‘Twilight’ is the best smelling in my opinion, but ‘Intergalactic’ for it’s colour. You’re bath will be become deep blue and very glittery, like the title states, it will look like space. It, is, beautiful. ‘Secret Arts’ Jelly bomb will most likely be my second.

For Christmas I really treated myself to an extra big Golden Wonder bath bomb. It is about 4 times bigger than your standard size and, oh my god, it is, wonderful…

IMG_2735 (2)
Giant Golden Wonder

Mermaid water with gold stars and flakes is the best way to describe it….

I am telling you, if you want the ideal relaxing night, just get one of these, or any of the above really, and sit back and enjoy! I promise you, you wont be disappointed….

Finally, I would like to add….Sleepy body Lotion…


because of my overthinking and crazy like brain I have always had a little trouble sleeping, I mean it is literally in my title. Show me an over-thinker that can sleep well…

Nothing has ever worked and I love the smell of lavender…people think that’s weird, but it is my favourite smell. They say it’s for the older generation to enjoy, well screw them, it beautiful!

So I have tried EVERYTHING, I mean EVERYTHING. Different drinks, tables, medication. They tell me to write to down…like come on, I’ve had a journal and diary since I was little. I’M ALREADY WRITING IT DOWN!

…but this stuff is flying off the shelves, amazing for young kids too! Trust me, and if you are in doubt, don’t take my word for it, just give it a damn go….

giphyChris Evans approves…


…I approve of him…

Peace, love and laugh beautiful people..

Photos: misscrazyoverthinker
GIF: www.giphy.com

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