TV show and Crazy shipping Obsessions – The Mummy 1999


Tumblr has taken over my life! I feel this need to scroll through the shipping pages and reminisce over my favour TV shows and my favour TV show couples, (ships if you will). See, remember when I said I live in this fairy-tale bubble, well TV show and movies are my biggest down fall.

Let me take you back to my first ever movie ship love. It was the first time I was like, those two are fucking couple goals. I was about 11ish years old and mum hired The Mummy on tape! Yes, you heard me, the TAPE and HIRED. It was the first ‘horror’ movie I was allowed to watch. I was scared shitless at the time – it was when my obsession with horror movies began too – but out of all the fear, from that gross mummy stealing poor Mr Burns eyes and tongue, I saw the couple at the centre of it all. Rick and Evelyn – my original bad guy / good girl combo.



Now in my own life, I can’t stand mushy crap. Public displays of affection creep me the fuck out! So, when I ship a couple it is usually for their subtly. When actors work their arses off to make it look real! Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz got it right! I never liked this couple because I fancied any of the stars, don’t get me wrong Rachel Weisz is gorgeous, but Brendan Fraser never really did it for me, in anything else he is in. But for some reason he played this character so well, he became a different person to me, and I fell in love! …Like it is actually a problem for me. I will always be trying to find my perfect Rick O’Connell.

I mean…from the first kiss I was gone- it was a winner for me…


It was simple and realistic, and as he put it in a later scene he was about to die, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Of course, no woman wants to hear that, they want the love at first sight, they want it to mean something, but that’s not how life works, and I like that they didn’t make this scene mean more then what it was…

Naturally by this point, she was probably already overthinking it…like us girls seem to do, (this was most likely her first kiss too). Then she really sees him, and he, is, beautiful!  It’s not until a good old fight scene and his insists kick in to protect her that he really sees her…but men do usually take a little longer to get there, don’t they.


Of Course it’s not just his instincts I have to point out, it’s hers too. these two BOTH have each other’s backs


…how did he survive without her.

There is so much that happened between this point and the next…but the trust is simple, and it’s built slowly and once again realistically…(well as realistic as a mummy coming to life movie can be…) but, more fighting occurs which slowly leads to the next kiss….my favourite and funniest kiss…



…or should I say, attempt to kiss…as awesome as a drunken kiss could have been, I glad it never occurred at this moment…but at this point it really shows their genuine feelings for one another…

At this point of the movie, shit has got REAL. The Mummy is alive, it’s eating people and all Rick wants to do is protect Evie, they argue, the sexual tension is real, they are literally at that stage of being together without, actually, being together. So, it leads to some questionable over the top reactions from Rick and a very stubborn Evie. I’m personally with Rick on this one, you know a mummy is trying to steal your body Evie! So, protection is key!


Now this moment:


The moment when they both knew that she would do anything to protect him and he would do anything to protect her, and anything to get her back, his pain and panic, his need to reach for her. I was dying at this point, I knew what love was and I wanted it! Killer Mummy’s be damned!


and damned they will be! …’GET OFF MY FUTURE WIFE!”

and then finally…

the little head bump thing too…. SWOON! This is what beauty is…this is couple goals!

…and the perfect couple continued in the Mummy returns! 

Like I said, this is just the beginning of my obsession, it’s my main and will forever be my truest ship! In my mind NOONE can beat them (do not get me started on the recast – you only need to watch these two – no other mummy movie existed after them!)

Tagged are a few of my other favourite ships from other TV shows and movies, pre-warning, I have a lot and I will always be updating HA!

…peace out guys!


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