Crystals, Stones, Candles & Incense sticks…oh and a good old fashion rant…

I like to believe in the unbelievable. I’ve collected stones and crystals for as long as I can remember, my Grandma, god bless her soul, would get them for me when I was younger, my mum started after she passed. They would usually be from those little turnstiles at the local shop, with a little poem, but as I got older I started looking at the different kinds and the different meanings behind them.

Now you can believe in them, or you cannot. I’m not about to write a 50-page essay trying to convince you otherwise, but for me, they work. Yes, it could be a mind over matter thing – but if it works, it works right! The thought of them not being by my bed, or at arm reach should I feel a panic attack coming on, or a need to clear my mind, that idea just seems crazy to me.

Now Yankee Candles, do I really need to explain those! They are beautiful – most of the time over my price range (if I have a spare £20odd floating around, it’s probably going to go in the petrol tank before I spend it on a candle) so 9 times out of 10 I opt for a cheaper version, but you must treat yourself around Christmas right! I was lucky this year, ‘Xboss‘ brought me a Christmas Cookie one for my birthday, he was upset when someone else brought me a chocolate mint one, also for my Birthday. In his mind, that just isn’t suitable for Christmas, I’m happy with both to be honest

Incense sticks go hand and hand with candles. I love them, I burnt them all year around. Why wouldn’t you, they are cheap and easy to get hold of and they bring the perfect amount of Zen to your household, just give them ago!

So, onto the rant, the reason I’m talking about my awesome Zen options is because I need some extra Zen in my life right now, work sucks more than it should do. I work in that typical office atmosphere, surrounded by bitchy people and rumours that are out of this world, and being the supervise of my team, there is a lot of pressure to ensure everyone is happy.

And… well…I just don’t want to…. (she says in childish whiney voice)

You of course need to be professional, but when you just want to scream GROW UP to everyone, it doesn’t leave much room. so, I keep my mouth shut, I smile, and I continue to ask everyone ‘are you guys ok?’ ‘do you need to talk’

Then guess what happens, they turn on you – you put yourself in a position of “power” well that just leads to a target on your back.

I’ve got thick skin. I didn’t when I first started. The so-called friends that had your back, all gone. Those who supported the rise, gone. You are on your own. I’m lucky my boss is awesome, she’s got my back. She helped me rise to my new level, she was already there. We worked a long hard year together as equals before she was promoted higher. She is awesome, she is amazing, she has my back and I have hers. Nothing but proud of her! – So why the fuck can’t everyone be happy for me!

I started to look at these moment as a positive – the old saying of – at least you now know who your real friends are – but it still doesn’t stop it all being a pain in the arse, and yes hurtful.

They’re are not enough crystals and stones in the world to suck up this bad crowd…so now, it completely throwing me into a panic. If I’m being completely honest there is just two people I’m mainly worried about. These ones could put Regina George and the other mean girls to shame. They like to take personal issue and bring them into a work environment and use it against people – just not cool guys! Come on, we are all adults! But what’s the most annoying part is, there is no proof, just whispers and bad press – and no one is coming forward – and I have the honour of being the main headliner of these talks, these days…fuck me eh!

My awesome “co-dependent” group of friends, ‘The Core Six‘ is always there in the side lines ready to grab me and run! So, I’ve got that to be thankful for. Remember what your mama told you, “smile” and “if you haven’t got anything nice to say, don’t say it at all,” – wish those bitches would just listen to their mama’s!

Now here’s what’s to take home people:

1st – don’t be that bitch or dick! – that one is simple, honestly if you don’t have anything nice to say, just shut your mouth! You need to ask yourself why you are saying it in the first place? Are you not happy with your own life? What can you do to improve it! Remember the first step to change is yourself. If you are unhappy change the way you live, don’t bring others down

2nd – if you are someone that continues to spread rumours. Stop! Just stop! Don’t continue, don’t carry it on, end it! Be the better person – because (as above), you need to worry about your own lives first

3rd – tell someone! Be it that you are the one being bullied, or that you hear or see it. Tell someone and get them or yourselves help. Talk to someone, anyone.

-Here’s a known fact guys, this kind of behaviour just doesn’t stop, no matter what age you are! and that is the saddest fact of life you will ever learn. Sitting back and letting it happen isn’t going to get people anywhere, if anything it will get people hurt! Be a leader guys, take charge for the better, improve people’s lives – sometimes the classics really do works – so – “treat others how you want to be treated”

And 4th and final – Do something nice! Once a day – if not more, go out your way and do something nice for someone, because everyone on this planet deserves a little smile on their faces! And you will be shocked at how quick that karma will come back to you


Peace and love

Photo: misscrazyoverthinker

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