The complete writers block…

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Why on earth do I leave everything to the last minute. Even as I am writing this sentence I should be doing my NVQ. I HATE my NVQ! I don’t know why I agreed to even do it, because I can’t keep focused on anything these days. So why I thought added to this would accomplish anything is beyond me.

Living with responsibility can make us stronger and more action-oriented individuals, or, it can just leave us completely stressed out and slightly fucked up. Yep, going with the last one.

Stress is a six-letter word that is a day-to-day headliner in my life right now. Work is still ridiculous. I swear, I have the most grumpiest group of people to ever have lived working on my section.

Recently, ‘Queen’, ‘King‘, ‘Hipster‘ and I have stepped up and volunteered to do a sponsored sleep-out to raise money for the homeless. I’ve never found anything more challenging, and I haven’t even done the sleeping in the cold part yet.

First people were moaning that we were even doing it, getting asked questions like ‘what are you trying to get out of this?’ Well WE are trying to get NOTHING, but we are trying to get OTHER people money, so that the Hope Centre can help the homeless. Like, how can we be so evil? I just don’t understand why these types of questions are coming out of people’s mouths.

I just don’t get how the human brain can work sometimes. Why people have to always think negatively?

As an over thinker I’ve always gone negative, it’s in my nature, but I keep that in my mind, I don’t say it out loud, and I don’t say it on matters like this! I know I need to think rashly before I actually speak, I just wish other people would have the comment sense to do the same.

I’m trying to live my life differently these days. I’m trying to stop letting people’s thoughts of me change the way I live or make me panic when it’s unnecessary. I’m trying not to care what people think. Yes, it’s hard to do, especially when it comes to situations like this, I’m just trying to do a little bit of charity work, and people still find reasons to complain.


I’ve been trying to focus more on my writing these days. It’s something I’ve always done, and it helps with the constant brain static. I just wish I wasn’t suffering from complete writers block at the moment. I keep annoying myself by writing the same words over and over again in my diary, and half the time they make no sense.

I have at least four holidays coming up this year. Yes, three of them are in this country, but they are still going to be amazing. I’m hoping this opens my mind a little bit more and gives me inspiration.

The Core Six‘ will be there for all this of course, and it will definitely add to the experience and make it a beautiful adventure! I just can’t wait to really start 2018

So, January is nearly over, and the year is about to really kick off. So, remember guys, don’t let negative thoughts ruin your day! Show a little love to those you really care about and ignore the others.

Peace and love beautiful people..


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