Pictures, TV and waiting games…


There is a sense of unease following me around work lately. I have this feeling something is going to happen, but I don’t know what, how, why or even who to.

Everyone I’m around at the moment seems to feel it too, no one has said anything, but people’s actions are on alert and you can see it with how they are holding themselves. People’s moods have changed so much that I don’t want to put myself out there, I don’t want to talk to them if I don’t have to. It’s of course making me paranoid. I’m putting my usual methods into action. Smile, breathe, ignore and don’t let my anger get the better of me. It’s getting better between certain people, but I’m just trying to keep myself to myself.

I’m just trying to focus on other things at the moment, luckily for us we only have four days of work to deal with this week, leading into a four-day weekend. Friday ‘The Core Six‘ will be walking around a forest, you know for the hell of it, then we’ll be going out for a big arse meal! We have finally found a house! We are moving on the 21st April! Can you bloody believe it!

Xboss‘ has finally got around to watching the first season of Jessica Jones, which means we can watch the second soon as he’s done. Can’t wait for that!

King‘ has until August to make me photographer worthy for a wedding, as ‘Queen‘ can’t get the time off work, so I’ve been reading up on settings, and looking at YouTube for diffrent things, but he’s definitely going to have his hands full with me, because all this information is hurting my brain, plus you know, I don’t want to fuck up anything for his business, so I’m going to hope and pray that my amazing Uncle is watching over me, and I am able to channel his amazing gift…and hopefully ‘King‘ trains me well too!

Here’s a well-placed picture of a chair I took… (also check out the detail to my main picture above)

Sliver Chair.jpg

I know, they are crap! I definitely have a lot to improve on…may my next pictures be a lot better!

I’m also obsessing over Marvel Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D at the moment! I know I’m a bit late to the game but I’m up to date now. I am full on team ‘FitzSimmons’, they are the fucking cutest!! But not just them, it’s all just a crazy wild ride, I love it! I’ve also started watching Will & Grace again, I know I’m on TV overload at the moment, but I’m feeling a bit in limbo. Going to take the next three weeks packing and then, well then, it’s moving in time!

The real panic is beginning to set in, but I’m also very, very excited about the whole experience!

Peace and love, you beautiful people!

Photos: misscrazyoverthinker


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