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****WARNING! This site contains very strong language***


****WARNING! This site contains very strong language***

Day 1 is simple, this is the start of something new – queue high school musical soundtrack, the new year is here…

If I’m being honest it’s been a while since my mind decided to play a million and one ideas on repeat and give me the biggest headache of my life…not that this is any different to everyday life.

Now I’m not saying I’m smart, I’m far from it. I’m dyslexic, I have a slight lisp and I pretty much took every low class in school I could, most of the time not by choice. My school was lazy and being dyslexic was an easy way out for them. I was more into sports anyway, so at the time I didn’t care too much.

Now my backstory is simple….

My life is simple. I have a simple job. I have a simple house where I live with two of my favourite people in the world, King & Queen. I have a simple car (well, I have a 7-seater – no family – just a bunch of friends without licenses that I love to drive around everywhere). I have a great group of friends, I do everything with them. Co-dependent is a word that is thrown around by those who don’t know us- now that’s a bit worrying- but any-who. My support group The Core Six, is made of four guys, King, XBoss, Hipster & ForShot, and two girls, Queen & Me!- I guess you could say we rely on one other. In my mind, it’s in a healthy way, but I guess that’s to be decided…

I hate the whole girls and guys can’t be friend’s thing, that is seriously outdated and small-minded thinking. It, drives, me CRAZY! I love these gorgeous people but they are to stay as my over protective, sometime over the top best friends.

Well, now I’m 20-something, (more towards the big 3-0 but sshh), I moved out and back to my parents house over 5 times, each time was fail, fail, big fat fail, but this time I’ve moved in with two of the best people in my life, and I’ve never been happier. It feels like we’ve been here for years, everything just feels so right!

Since we’ve moved in we have not stopped, my life is full of adventure!

So this brings me to today…

Blog life. Taking my writing to the inter-web – it has taken me many years, and many burnt journals, notes, memory sticks and random walls to finally come to the conclusion of…….fuck it!

Simply – why the fuck not!

So, will my blogs change your life…probably not…

Will I care…nope

….am I going to do it anyway – hell yeah! – because I have a brain that works a million miles a minute, I suffer from depression and anxiety in the form of panic attacks and overthinking, and apparently this is the thing to do…or so I’ve been told, it can help others, right?

Now, here’s to some other simples in life: Fuck the hate. Small minded people feel the need for their voices to be raised higher above the rest. So right now, for the year that is ahead, I want you to ignore the hate – do not respond, talk as if it is not there, talk above it, but most importantly do not let it win!

Peace, Love and Laughter…

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