Why am I here?

****WARNING! This site contains very strong language***


Have you ever been told you can’t do something? That you shouldn’t do it because it’s pointless, it’s unneeded or a waste of time and effort. Do you think the person that created the first movie, the first computer was told the same thing? Did you know J. K. Rowling was turned down 12 times before she was published! My point is simple, don’t let anyone hold you back, don’t let people, who have no clue what you do, give you advice or tell you how to live your life, it’s yours, so take control! Begin now!

Day  1 is simple, this is the start of something new…

If I’m being honest it’s been a while since my mind decided to play a million and one ideas on repeat and give me the biggest headache of my life, not that this is any different to everyday life.

Now I’m not saying I’m smart, I’m far from it. I’m dyslexic, I have a slight lisp and I pretty much took every low class in school I could, most of the time not by choice, I was more into sports anyway, so at the time I didn’t care too much.

My life is simple: I have a simple job, I have a simple house where I live with two of my favorite people in the world, King & Queen. I have a simple car (well, I have a seven-seater – no family – just a bunch of friends without licenses that I love to drive around everywhere). I have a great group of friends, I do everything with them. My support group, is made of six amazing people: King, Queen, XBoss, Hipster & ForShot, and of course, me! I guess you could say we rely on one another, in my mind, it’s in a healthy way, but I guess that’s to be decided. I love these gorgeous people and I hope they stay as my over protective, sometime over the top best friends. So check out My Story so far, and join me on this wonderful adventure I call life and see what crazy antics we get up to!

Now, because I love, love, love writing, I deceived to make this website and dedicate my time to doing just that. Not only do I love talking about my life, but I enjoy writing short stories, I enjoy experimenting with different writing styles, themes and characters. I enjoy using life experiences, as well as grabbing inspiration from song, movies and books. Writing this way not only helps me deal with day to day life, but it also helps me cope with my mental health aspects, it gives me an outlet to express myself, and I hope that these stories can breach the gap and take away the stigma, allowing us all to communicate our feelings more openly, so check out My Short Stories. You can give me a message anytime to talk, or if you feel like it, give me a new challenge or topic to write about.

Also check out my review website Miss Crazy Reviewer to see all the best, latest and must have, must see and must use products, movies, TV shows and Book.

So, enjoy, be peaceful, love and laugh…

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