I have trouble saying words, I never say or can say the right ones when I need to, they come out a blurry mess. When I write it’s easier, I take a moment, I think, and then I’m thank god for spell check. Sometimes I’ll sit there and get frustrated because I know the word … More Words.

Thief in the Night.

It’s been a week since our hobby has been stolen from us. People, if you can call them that, invaded our space and took our things as their own. They didn’t just steal something which we spent our hard-earned money on, they took our passion for what they represented. Dirty ungrateful people! They also didn’t … More Thief in the Night.

A Simple Cup.

I stared at the cup in front of me. It was white, plain, nothing to it. Just you’re basic cup. I guess it was better described as a mug, but it was still just an object, it spends most of its life going unnoticed. Yes sure, we pick it up, we fill it, but do … More A Simple Cup.

A Life of Regret.

Midnight talks that last to early hours of the morning are the best. You go through about 50 different emotions and yet when the option to do it again arises, you do it every time. You do it because when it does happen, you surround yourself with the best people in the world, you don’t … More A Life of Regret.

On Your Mind.

Liars, people that use mental health and stress as a get out of jail free card, or as an excuse for a couple of extra days off work, piss me the hell off! “Stress – a state of mental or emotional strain or tension resulting from adverse or demanding circumstances” – The Dictionary Now don’t … More On Your Mind.