A loud crash rips me from my calming dream, I wake with a sudden urge to scream, not knowing what pulled me out of it. I stand with shaken legs and move towards my window. I pull the curtain back and I cover my eyes ready to block out the blinding sun, but I only … More Thunder.

A Simple Cup.

I stared at the cup in front of me. It was white, plain, nothing to it. Just you’re basic cup. I guess it was better described as a mug, but it was still just an object, it spends most of its life going unnoticed. Yes sure, we pick it up, we fill it, but do … More A Simple Cup.

Broken Gold.

My friend slept with the enemy, he crawled inside, giving her false hope. When he was done he curled up on the floor, cried in his own shame, he felt disgusted. He felt weak and alone, cold and broken, and she played with his emotions. When she believed she had won, he ran away, into … More Broken Gold.

Change You.

Let’s go run away, grab our things and never look back. Let’s pretend for a moment you want me, and you don’t need her. Ditch the friends you are always trying to impress with your lies. Start a life you’ll love, be loved in and be in love with. Hold me close and protect me … More Change You.

The Wall.

I grit my teeth as I hear your fake laugh, again. It stings me. It pains me, but its only because I pity you. A word that I know defeats you, angers you. You’ve burnt your own house down with us inside. You saw the flames rising and you only thought to save yourself and … More The Wall.

Your Pain.

The noise was too much to bare. The lights were too bright. The pain was unbearable, but you didn’t care, you didn’t feel. You wanted me on my knees, I had to be the good girl, I had to be perfect, but I was not good enough for you. I cried out in agony, scared … More Your Pain.