Your Pain.

The noise was too much to bare. The lights were too bright. The pain was unbearable, but you didn’t care, you didn’t feel. You wanted me on my knees, I had to be the good girl, I had to be perfect, but I was not good enough for you. I cried out in agony, scared … More Your Pain.

Never Yours.

My head was stuck, stuck on you, you kept me occupied. You kept me focused, but today I woke up… I woke up and realised I don’t know you, don’t want you. You are lost, lost like me, scared like me, alone like me. The difference is you judge, you judge me, based on looks, … More Never Yours.


You backed me into a corner, pinned me to a wall and held me there against my will. You wanted to feel better and bigger about yourself, you wanted to prove your strength, the strength you gained after years of making me weak. You wanted me to feel as low and unwanted as you do, … More Nothing.

Let me go.

I let the devil in and now you haunt my dreams. You would smoke your pretty things, you would tease me with your false touches and lies. You would drink in my words and use them against me, and I would eat up yours, sacrificing my sanity in hopes to feel a small aspect of … More Let me go.

The Unknown Place.

It’s an opening to a cave. It’s a dark place, where no light lives. It’s a closed in space where your breath comes up short. It’s so cold and empty that it fills you with a sense of dread. Even though you can’t see, you don’t want to open your eyes because you don’t want … More The Unknown Place.